Records Retention Process

The Texas State Library and Archives Commission establishes mandatory minimum retention periods for records that are associated with Public School Districts. The Quinlan Independent School District developed a Records Retention Department to provide storage and control for inactive records. By State law, records shall be maintained and preserved in accordance with the policies and procedures of the District’s records management program. The following process defines the procedure to submit records to the Records Retention Department.
  • Heavy Duty Storage boxes must be used. (Old paper boxes, moving boxes, boxes with stacking weight of less than 400lbs, etc. will not be accepted.) Example of an acceptable box: Quill Brand Standard Storage Boxes Model #30815.
  • If you combine records with different retention periods in the same box, the box will be retained for the longest requirement. When completing the request form, please list the different years in the description section.
  • Please empty all three-ring binders and remove large binder clips.
  • Do not send your “shred” boxes to the Records Retention Office/archive location. Shred boxes will be returned.
  • Print your labels on Avery 5164 (or 8464 or its equivalent) using black ink.
  • Tape the lids to your box.
  • Do not tape a sheet of paper to the end of the box as your label. The paper does not withstand over time.
Do not send records with an expired retention period. For example, if you keep the records at your location for the duration of the required retention period, you are responsible for the destruction of the boxes. CLICK HERE to notify the Records Retention office of the destruction of boxes done by your department/campus.
CLICK HERE to immediately access the Archive Box Pick Up Request Form.
1. Complete the Quinlan ISD Archive Request Form.
2. Complete one form for EACH box. If you need to send seven boxes, you will complete seven forms, etc.
3. The Records Retention Department will review your request(s) and assign a box number(s).
4. After a box number is assigned, electronic labels will be sent to you via email. There will be two labels for each box. Place a label on EACH END (sides with handles) of the box. Do NOT place labels on the sides of the box. Boxes are stacked in rows, and the sides of the box cannot be seen.
5. You must print the labels assigned to you by the Records Retention Office.
6. Once your boxes are ready for pick up, call or email the Records Retention Office. Do NOT schedule the work order. If your boxes are not moved after three days from the receipt of your labels, contact our office.
7. Boxes not meeting the requirements will not be transported to the archive location until the requirements are met.
**Please note, the Records Retention Department will supply the destroy date on the pre-formatted label; however, if this date is SOONER than the destroy date needed to meet your department’s requirements, please immediately contact our office for a new label with the updated destroy date.