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It is an honor and privilege to be named Superintendent by the Quinlan ISD Board of Trustees.  I am very grateful for the opportunity to continue my career with such a great district.  Each day I will strive to achieve the vision and mission of the district for every student.  I am committed to maintaining the reputation of our school district as an exceptional place for students to receive an extraordinary education that will prepare them for college or the workforce.   I believe in setting high education standards that challenge students on a daily basis.  We will be student-centered and base decisions on what is best for all QISD children.   Servant leadership best describes my leadership style and I will strive to serve the community as best I can.  While serving as Superintendent, I will work diligently with the school board, community, QISD campuses and central administration to accomplish set goals for the district.  The goals include:

To continue to build a true learning culture with academic rigor, strong discipline, competitiveness, and respect for others that yields positive student achievement and encourages progressive, entrepreneurial, innovative and creative thinking

To develop and prepare student leaders academically, vocationally, emotionally, and socially to take advantage of the opportunities and challenges of a 21st Century World through authentic, engaging, interactive and progressive instruction

To maintain a continual improvement model by utilizing an on-going systems analysis approach

To maintain long-term financial solvency and to pursue financial equity for all Texas children

To develop early literacy partnerships with parents and community

To promote a college & career readiness culture

To foster increased parent and community involvement

To continue to emerge as a lighthouse district worthy of emulation for all stakeholders

Work History

Spring 1987 Teacher and coach at Honey Grove High School, Honey Grove ISD

                        Subjects taught:  Science and Math, coached football and track


Fall 1987 to spring 1994

                        Teacher and coach at Rockwall High School, Rockwall ISD

                        Subjects taught:  Science and Math, coached football, basketball, track, cross country, and powerlifting

                        Selected as Teacher of the Year for Rockwall High School in 1999-2000


Fall 1994 to spring 1998

                        Selected for and completed the Meadow’s Foundation Principal Improvement Program

                        Assistant principal at J.W. Williams Middle School, Rockwall ISD


Fall 1998 to spring 2008

                        Elementary Principal at Sam Rayburn Elementary, Sam Rayburn ISD


Spring 2008 to January 2016

                        Superintendent, Sam Rayburn ISD


January 2016 to present 

                        Assistant superintendent, Quinlan ISD