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Special Programs Staff

Special Programs Staff

Director of Special Programs:
Sheila Jones
Assistant Director of Special Programs:
Natasha Wallace
Administrative Assistant:
Kathy Harber

Mindi Vick Cannon Elementary 
Farilyn Webb Thompson Middle 
Tracie Williams Butler Intermediate
Amy Roby Ford High 
Diana Bernal District Wide
Licensed Specialist in School Psychology:
Trevor Parr PhD.
Brandy Davis

Behavior Specialist:

Trevor Parr PhD

Speech Pathologist Supervisor:
Kerin Wortham
Speech Pathology Assistants:
Brandi Page
Reagan Bellah
Occupational Therapist
Teresa Stratz
Dyslexia Teachers:
Christy Clements
Tammy Bryant
Desda Montgomery
Angelia Powers
Savanna Patterson
Amy Burks
Related Services:
Related services listed below are provided by Region 10 and the Regional Day School for the Deaf

Physical Therapist
Orientation and Mobility Specialist
Teacher of the Visually Impaired
Deaf Education