Quinlan Independent School District

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Ford High School offers several avenues to high-demand, high-wage jobs through industry certifications earned while still in high school.  Our students are enabled to walk into a job interview with confidence, one step ahead of non-certified candidates. Their classrooms and the workplace are connected by mastering skills in both technical knowledge and employability. Certifications include Automotive Technology ASE in Automatic Transmission, Brakes, Suspension & Steering, and Maintenance and Light Repair. Students in Agricultural Equipment Design have a 100% passing rate in AWS Welding certifications.  Each year we graduate licensed Cosmetology Operators who are able to immediately begin careers in the varied beauty industry including stylists, estheticians and makeup artists. Through the Health Science pathway we currently certify students as EKG Technicians and are projected to certify EMTs in the near future. SBE TV Operators are certified through their Audio/Visual classes which prepares students to serve as operators at broadcast stations. In 2017 - 2018 we certified our first students in Quickbooks through their Accounting II course. This industry certification is relevant in today‚Äôs workplace of small and mid-sized businesses. During the 2018-2019 school year, students in business courses were certified our first Microsoft Office Specialists in Word and Excel, opening doors to a wide variety of jobs.


These certifications send signals both to potential employers and prospective colleges that these young people are thinking ahead, can set and achieve goals, and bring initiative and commitment to  their organization. Ford High School is continuing to expand its certification offerings each year. We are igniting the futures of high school students in Quinlan ISD.



Alice Lafferty

Director of Secondary Instruction