Richard Marshall, Auxiliary Staff of the Year Nominee at Thompson Middle School

Richard Marshall works as a night custodian at the Thompson Middle School campus. He is also seen at various evening, night, and weekend school events to make sure school groups have what they need. He is a hard worker that goes above and beyond his call of duty to make sure that the school has a clean environment. He always has a smile and courteous personality. Besides his regular duties, he is always willing to lend a hand moving desks around for teachers and he is always there  to assist in any way possible.


Richard is originally from New Jersey, but moved to Texas at the request of his son. While in New Jersey, he worked as a HVAC technician under a contractor. When he moved to Texas, he heard that we need some help and he applied. This is his first job in education and he says he loves it.


We are so proud to have Richard Marshall on staff. His service to detail in our facilities is very much appreciated. Congratulations, Richard Marshall!