Ramona Gonzales, Auxiliary Staff of the Year Nominee at A. E. Butler

Ramona Gonzales has worked at Quinlan ISD for 14 years and is a wonderful employee at several district campuses. Her smile is contagious each time anyone greets Ramona in the halls, in a classroom, or out and about in the community. Her kindness permeates the campuses that she serves.

Ramona says, "The reason I came to work here is that I enjoy working with kids. I worked thirteen years at DC Cannon before I came to Butler. When I see little kids, it inspires me to keep cleaning and doing my job to the best of my ability. When the kids see me and say, Ms. Ramona, Ms. Ramona!, it makes my day. I love to work with our children and being a part of the community in which I live. I'm proud to be involved with my church, as I am a member of Nuevo Nacimiento. It is an honor to have been nominated in the past for this award and I proudly wear my ten-year service pin on my badge every day.

My role in education is to help the kids and I feel that my work is helpful to our district. I try to provide a clean and welcoming building for our students, staff, and visitors by keeping the building clean.  I help keep germs away in order for our students to stay healthier so that their attendance is better. When their attendance is better, they learn more and we all benefit from good attendance.  I feel I contribute to our school climate by providing a welcoming, clean, and happy place to be and go to school."


Congratulations, Ramona Gonzalez! Quinlan ISD values you and each and every employee like you.