Kimberly Featherston, Auxiliary Staff of the Year Nominee at D.C. Cannon

Kimberly Featherston has had to learn to work with a new campus this year, and according to one Cannon Teacher, has rocked it. She has gone from working with high school age children to elementary school age children. 


Kimberly had a few goals she set in her mind when she became a "Lunch Lady" at Quinlan ISD.  I no longer wanted students to have the old perception of what a lunch lady entailed. I want to build relationships with our students on a personal level. With this in mind, my other goal was centered on raising participation in our breakfast and lunch program. With the help of my awesome supervisor, we have seen a rise and change in our cafeterias. I do my best to make each student feel as if they are important and that they matter, even in the lunch line. I love to interact with the students daily, from the babies at Cannon or young adults at FHS. These students make me love my job every day. Getting to serve them breakfast or lunch is just an extra perk.