Sylvia Bustillos, Support Staff of the Year Nominee at FHS

First of all, I am most humbled by this award. We don't always realize that others pay attention to what we do and how we choose to do our job. I live by a daily motto of "new day, a new blessing." Every day brings me the opportunity to be a blessing to my co-workers, staff members, students or parents in whatever way I can.


The most important element I feel that is crucial to have any success on any campus is teamwork. You have to be a team player and be willing to do whatever it takes to make the operation of each day go as smoothly as possible. In my opinion, when you sacrifice and go above and beyond out of your comfort zone to do different duties or assignments to make sure that the day is a success, then you display the qualities of a valued team player. I strive to daily display the example of a team player.


My job consists of different assignments, and I feel very blessed to work with a strong team. We at FHS take pride in being "Staffulty" and being a part of that is very rewarding.


~ Sylvia Bustillos

   FHS Secretary