QISD/ACE Panther Martial Arts Featured in April 2018 Issue of Martial Arts Success Magazine

The Quinlan ISD/ACE Panther Martial Arts program achieved another monumental recognition this month when the program was featured in the April issue of Martial Arts Success magazine.  The publication featured the Quinlan program in the MASuccess School Showcase section of the magazine. The publication featured Quinlan ISD/ACE – Panther Martial Arts program in an article that starts on page 70 of the April issue. Century Martial Arts Supplier is a major supporter of the publication and of martial arts programs around the world.  The instructors provided input to the publication and was chosen from martial arts schools across the country and internationally.  This is a great accomplishment for the program.  Being featured in Martial Arts Success places QISD and Panther Martial Arts as a school to be emulated by programs all over the country.  The instructors of Panther Martial Arts already provide training and instruction for other schools seeking to add martial arts training through the school district.  You can read the article online by visiting Martial Arts Success magazines website at https://maiahub.com/ma-success/.   The Panther Martial Arts program has been in place for four years now and has experienced many accomplishments. One of the greatest accomplishments is seeing the students grow not just as martial artist but as young men and ladies of character and integrity. The program is developing future leaders. There are many events coming up for the Panther Martial Arts program.  During the month of April and May the program will be teaching a free women’s self-defense class as well as classes to the 2nd and 4th grade students about Danger Awareness, Tactics of Child Predators. The students and instructors will compete in tournaments in Ft. Worth and Dangerfield. All graduating senior girls will be offered the women’s self-defense class.  The Martial Arts Family Awards banquet will be held on Friday, May 11 at 6:00 pm in the FHS commons.  If you need information about the program please contact Michael Tull at (903) 356-1580 or by email at Michael.tull@quinlanisd.net.



Panther Martial Arts Students Score Victories in

Longview Karate Tournament


The Quinlan Panther Martial Arts students competed very well in the Warrior of God Martial Arts Tournament in Longview Texas on Saturday March 10th.  Students in grades first through twelfth competed with several schools from Texas, Louisiana and Oklahoma.  There were up to three events in which each competitor could participate. Quinlan ISD Panther Martial Arts students received a total of 16 top three places in the events.  We are very proud of our students and the quality martial arts skills they demonstrated at this tournament.  Quinlan students were in a tie for receiving the top performance banner for a single martial arts school.  The students that attended were: Tyler Roton who won 3rd place in sparring, Hayden Brister received 1st place in kata, weapons and 2nd place in sparring, Sir Marcus Napier received 3rd place in kata, 2nd place in weapons, and 2nd place in sparring, Ray Haider received 3rd place in kata, Forrest Hickey won, 3rd place in kata, 3rd place in weapons  and 3rd place in sparring, Colton Pitts earned 2nd place in kata and 2nd place in sparring, Zayne Tull won 2nd place in sparring, Keith Jackson received 4th place in sparring and Jonathan Lohmar won 3rd place in sparring.  The instructors are very proud of the competitiveness and sportsmanship demonstrated by the students in the Panther Martial Arts program. The next tournament will be in Ft. Worth on April 7.  The Panther Martial Arts Family Banquet will be held on Monday, May 14 from 6:00 – 8:00 in the FHS Commons.  For more information about the Quinlan ISD/ACE Panther Martial Arts program contact Michael Tull at (903) 356-1580.