We at Lake Area Shared Ministries (LASM) Food Pantry want to thank you for taking time to help our organization raise money and conduct canned food drives.  Your efforts show how this community helps where needed and goes the extra mile.  The many projects that you sponsor in this community are unequaled.  
The funds we received from QISD at the end of the 2017 school year, the canned food drives at each campus, the penny drive at D.C. Cannon, and the Christmas Tree Lighting with the City of Quinlan, are overwhelming.  Here are a few statistics from your efforts:
Awards Ceremony gift from teachers               $1,845.50
Penny Drive at D.C. Cannon                                       846.21
Total                                                                         $2,691.71
Canned food drives at all campuses - 3,333 cans collected
We are now able to provide food assistance monthly to those in need.  We have 40+ volunteers who work here at least one day per week, and some work every day that we are open.  None of our volunteers are paid; all workers at the food pantry are 100% volunteers.  The following statistics will show you how much God has blessed this Food Pantry.  In 2017, our volunteers assisted 3,868 families which consisted of 9,141 family members.
I became the Executive Director of LASM about 4 years ago, and I have seen many changes at the food pantry.  I retired as LASM Director at the end of 2017 and Mr. Roger Taylor has assumed the position beginning January 2018, and I know he will do a superb job.  It has been my privilege to work at LASM with all the fine volunteers and to help fill the needs in this community.
Again, thank you for your gifts to our food pantry.  There are not enough words in any language to express our thanks and gratitude.  Please know that we put your canned food drives and donations to good use in assisting those in need of help.  We are praying that you continue to support LASM in the future and we know you will.  I am so proud of QISD and the example you set for all the school districts in the entire country!
Please come by the food pantry anytime to visit and say HOWDY!
Gary D. Cannon