Quinlan Community Park Celebrates One Year Anniversary

It was just a year ago that we had the Grand Opening for our Quinlan Community Park. It has been exciting to drive by and see so many families enjoying time at the park. Additionally, our students at Cannon and Butler have enjoyed classroom outings to the new park. Quinlan ISD appreciates our partnership with the City of Quinlan and the EDC in making this dream become a reality. We appreciate our community members and families that take pride in keeping it clean, so others might enjoy it as they did. The park is a reflection of our community. It will take a conscious effort of everyone to maintain it so families can enjoy it for years to come. The City is having their annual fireworks celebration at the park on July 1st, so please come out and join us!
Check out the Quinlan Community Park/Splash Pad Opening video link below:
Watch the time lapse video of the Quinlan Community Park Construction: