Quinlan ISD Backs the Blue

In light of recent tragedies affecting law enforcement officials across the country, one teacher had a dream to show the world that Quinlan ISD proudly supports our law enforcement for all that they do to keep our community, schools and school district safe. We reached out to our staff members, and we are making that dream become a reality.  It is our goal to provide several opportunities throughout the year that shows our law enforcement officials the honor and respect they deserve for the many sacrifices that they make.

The first district-wide effort to recognize our support for "Backing the Blue" is an all QISD staff photo. In the photo, QISD police officers and staff members who are immediate family members of police officers are represented by the center line. 

We are excited to announce the second effort to recognize our support for "Backing the Blue." All law enforcement officials are officially being invited to stand strong and tall with our football team as they walk onto the field for the coin toss in our first home game on Friday, September 9, 2016. 

More efforts to show our support of "Backing the Blue" will take place throughout the school year. We cannot show our appreciation enough to each of the following entities:

Quinlan ISD Police Department

Quinlan Police Department

West Tawakoni Police Department

Hawk Cove Police Department

Hunt County Sheriff's Office

Hunt County Constable's Office 

Department of Public Safety