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Tina Westmoreland Teacher of the Year at A.E. Butler

Tina Westmoreland wanted to be a teacher for as long as she can remember.  Just before graduation from Texas A&M at Commerce, she was offered a job teaching fourth-grade math and science at A.E. Butler Intermediate School. This was exciting news because Quinlan had been her home all of her life. She is a 1997 graduate of Ford High School.

"Learning happens anywhere and at any time. The classroom is just one of the many places students are able to learn. It is my goal to create and strengthen the invisible bridge between the classroom and the community. I equip my students to take what they learn from me and use it in everyday life. In order to achieve this, I first strive to create lessons that focus on student life. I use the football field as a number line and have used Minecraft to teach area and perimeter. While they are enjoying my lessons, they are able to see how and why they are using their time to learn," she said.

"I love Quinlan, Texas, and I am very proud to be a Panther. In turn, I love that my students are Quinlan Panthers. Many of my students are active in our community; some play football, cheer, baseball, softball, basketball, dance and more. As often as I can, I love to attend these events and cheer them on. Then during our morning meetings, I like to reflect on the good things I was able to see in them. I am able to brag when I see a student help another up after a foul on the basketball court. I get to pat them on the back when I see one get angry but calm down before something happened they regretted. I encourage and also highlight the Panther pride that is exhibited everywhere they go or play," said Westmoreland.

As Elementary Teacher of the Year nominee, Westmoreland goes on to say, "My message would be one that introduces public education as more than a grade. We are real people, and the majority of us love our jobs. Our students are real children, some with amazing lives, and some with tough lives. It would become my mission to educate the public about the amazing students and staff that make-up public education. Teachers need to feel appreciated for the countless hours they put into children."

Congratulations to Tina Westmoreland. Quinlan ISD is proud of you and would like to say, "Thank You for all that you do."