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Julia Carney Auxiliary Employee of the Year Nominee at Ford High School

Julia Carney grew up in Quinlan and graduated from Ford High School. In her words, "I couldn't imagine living or working anywhere else." She is the Ford High School nominee for Auxiliary Staff Member of the Year.

She gives credit to her love of QISD to her dad, Sherman Fry, a grounds crew member who took much pride in Lytal Stadium’s football field. "I remember when I would come home from school, and he would talk about how much he enjoyed his work and the people he worked with.  I always knew to be on my best behavior or daddy would find out fast!”

"My role in food services is to provide a healthy meal for each and every student that comes through the doors. I want them to enjoy cafeteria food and think, oh yay, it's meatball sub day, my favorite!”

“I also drive a bus and transportation means providing a safe trip. I strive to be on-time and present each day. I want parents of my students to be able to set their watch for pick-up time. It's my goal to take care of each and every child like they were my own and treated how I would want mine to be treated," she said.

Julia goes on to say, "We all hope that we contribute something by working for the school district. Maybe it's a teacher who inspires a student to become the best they can be or a grounds crew member like my dad, who hoped people enjoyed the freshly mowed football field. Myself?  A smile, that's all. Someone once said that you have no idea what that student may be going through that day. Just smile because yours may be the only one they see, and that's what I do. I say, good morning and smile when they board my bus. Coming through the line for food, I smile and tell my students to have a great day. Maybe that isn't a huge impact, but I have hope that it helps in some small way."

Quinlan Independent School District would like to say, Thank You, to Julia Carney. We appreciate you and every employee like you who gives of themselves to our children on a daily basis.​