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Sarah Baker Nominated for Elementary Teacher of the Year

“When I think of a lesson in my classroom that defines me as an educator, it would include technology. My most rewarding lessons occur when I have the chrome cart in my classroom. My chrome cart lesson allows me to reach each student in a unique and differentiated way while still keeping the majority of the students engaged throughout the lesson,” said Sarah Baker.


She explains, “I serve as the D.C. Cannon Elementary representative of our Quinlan ISD Technology Team. At my campus, I am known as the technology guru. I immerse my classroom in a variety of student-centered technology lessons. I also use technology to increase my productivity as a teacher by managing student data and assessing skills. On my campus, I assist our District Instructional Technology Specialist to help teachers to incorporate technology in their classroom. We are seeing an increase in technology use in all grade levels. This increase is also showing a benefit to our students on campus. Students have a higher level of interest and engagement when technology is involved.”


“Quinlan ISD plays a big part in the community and, as a resident in the district, I could not imagine my classroom anywhere else. In my classroom, I use students’ life interests and experiences to make learning more relatable. I do this by creating relationships and by getting to know my students and their families. For example, after hearing stories and seeing pictures of a weekend youth basketball game, I use that event to teach our 2D shape math lesson for the day. We discuss our weekend and, of course, the basketball game was mentioned, and I prompted students to think about shapes they may have seen at the game. Students thought for a moment,  ideas began to come, a circle basket, rectangle backboard, and that student who says the basketball is a sphere. At that moment, we were able to extend our learning and introduce 3D shapes. The following day students came into the room full of stories about shapes they found at home, store and other places they visited. I am passionate about my community and passionate about teaching. I work hard to ensure learning does not happen only when students are at school,” said Baker.


Sarah Baker is an alumnus of Quinlan Ford High School. She received her bachelor’s degree from Texas A&M University at Commerce. She is certified in Elementary Education EC-6 and English as a Second Language (all levels). Since 2014, she has taught first grade at D.C. Cannon Elementary School.


Sarah is a QISD Tech Camp Presenter, presenting Seesaw Digital Portfolios and Chromebooks for Elementary classrooms. She serves on the district and campus Technology Team, Campus Improvement Committee, Campus Box Top Committee and campus Adopt-A-Soldier Committee.


Quinlan ISD is fortunate to have teachers with passion and care like Sarah Baker. She exemplifies her role in our school district and community. Thank you, Sarah Baker, for all that you do.