Quinlan Independent School District

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"As the secretary of the middle school, I make sure that everything is in working order and students, teachers and other staff members have everything that they need.”

An administrative assistant’s job is far reaching, ranging from scheduling substitute teachers to working closely with PEIMS and attendance. “I am responsible for all campus correspondence including overseeing the campus budgets, writing purchase orders and more. Since I am one of the main front office employees who serves as the face of the campus, customer service skills are very important.  I try to guide and direct everyone in the right direction when I answer phone calls, address parents and staff.  I wear many hats as I help plan events, keep morale high, and much more. I believe that my position is like the heart of the school!  I contribute to the school climate by making sure that everything runs smoothly and goes as planned," said Lacey Morrison.

Thank you, Lacey Morrison, for being a vital team member of Quinlan ISD and Thompson Middle School's overall success.