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Xochitl Salazar Auxiliary Employee of the Year at A.E. Butler

Xochitl Salazar, manager of A.E. Butler Intermediate School’s cafeteria, dedicates herself to taking the school cafeteria from the ordinary to the extraordinary.  Her goal has been to make the cafeteria feel like a place where it attracts a child's attention and participation.


"I believe that each child should feel welcome and start their day with a positive cafeteria experience with healthy food but also a place where they feel loved, respected and above all, important. Because I have the opportunity to be with each student up to four times a day (breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack), five days a week, I have grown to know them better.  I have learned about Pokemon, Shopkins, Star Wars, and wrestlers, because these are the topics the children talk about in the cafeteria. Looking at the children's faces when we talk about these topics is a great feeling.  The best reward is seeing their faces the moment they get their plates and I hear that it is their favorite food.  I have received many hugs and even flowers that some have picked on their way to school."


Xochitl Salazar is a prime example of one of our most valued employees in Quinlan Independent School District. She works with children in the cafeteria in third, fourth and fifth grade. Every employee's position is vital to Quinlan ISD's overall success.


"Our lives have a purpose, each story is important, every dream counts, each voice matters, we are all born to make an impact," she said.


Thank you, Xochitl Salazar for making an impact in Quinlan schools.