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Shattered Dreams Makes An Impact At Ford High School

Shattered Dreams is a two-day, school based program that promotes responsible decision-making among high school students regarding underage drinking and impaired driving (driving after drinking or riding with a drinking driver) by showing them how irresponsible choices can end all dreams.  The Shattered Dreams program emphasizes the results of alcohol-related crashes: the shattered dreams of those who drive after drinking, the innocent victims, and their friends and families.
The Quinlan ISD program was developed by Hunt County Precinct 4 Justice of the Peace David McNabb and QISD Police Chief Pete Ferrara in an effort to educate students about choices and decisions that can change their lives forever.  The program truly influences students to think about more than just the "me" and the "now" and to look forward in their lives.  The 2016 Shattered Dreams program was the second program to be brought to this school and another is scheduled in 2019 which allows for three new classes to come into the school before the program is repeated.  
The community effort in Quinlan ISD Shattered Dreams program is shown by the participation of several groups including the Texas Highway Patrol, Quinlan Volunteer Fire Department, Cash Volunteer Fire Department, West Tawakoni Volunteer Fire Department, Tawakoni South Volunteer Fire Department and Union Valley Volunteer Fire Department.  Also American Medical Response (AMR) and Air Evac air ambulance provided the medical response. Multiple departments and teachers stepped up to assist with the program as well.  Several businesses in the community provided what was needed for the program, and over $3600 was given to QISD in donations designated for this program only.  Two Funeral Homes in Quinlan provided services in the crash, and the funeral and several businesses such as Walmart, Brookshires and others provided goods needed by the program.  Some of the students in the school provided multiple levels of support and participation.  Without the support of the parents of the "Living Dead" and the "Crash Scene" this program would not have worked.  Lone Oak Wrecker Service provided the perfect car for the program.
Judge Andrew Bench 196th District Court Judge, Kelli Aiken with the Hunt County District Attorneys Office, and Scott Cornuaud Attorney provided the trial court for the accused student with the "Living Dead" students serving as the 12 jurors.  Three charges were filed and the accused was given a total of forty years in prison to be served consecutively in the mock trial showing what could happen with irresponsible decisions.
The 2016 Shattered Dreams program has been deemed a success by those who participated.  A ten minute video is scheduled to be created and posted to the internet and to be used by the school.
Judge David McNabb
Justice of the Peace
Precinct 4, Hunt County