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Quinlan-Ford Wind Ensemble earns UIL SWEEPSTAKES

There are two parts of this contest: (1) a prepared portion of the contest where the band presents 3 pieces prescribed by UIL and (2) a portion where the band gets a piece of music they have never seen before and has to study it and perform it for a panel of judges one time.  The students worked very hard to achieve their goal of earning a Division 1 on both portions of the contest.  Not only did they earn a Division 1, but they earned a Division 1 from all three judges in both portions of the contest, SWEEPSTAKES!!!!!!    During the sightreading portion of the contest the band has 8 minutes to study a new piece of music they have never seen before.  The director has 8 minutes to explain the piece, demonstrate rhythms, explain style, discuss dynamics, identify accidentals, discuss tempo and key changes, identify articulations, and discuss balance and blend.   The students cannot practice the piece at any time during the 8 minutes, except to study it silently.  The concert and sightreading contest is an intense process to participate in and the directors are very proud of the Wind Ensemble for their accomplishment.  While the Quinlan band has earned UIL Division 1's over the last several years, it has been since 1989 since a Quinlan Band earned a UIL Sweepstakes Trophy.  Congratulations for the Quinlan-Ford Wind Ensemble for earning this elite honor and status.

Marty Filip
Director of Bands
Director of Fine Arts
ATSSB All-State Jazz Band Organizer
ATSSB Region 3 Webmaster