Quinlan Independent School District

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ACE is the PLACE!

Our Junior Master Gardening program is going strong at Thompson Middle School and Butler Intermediate School.  The students are planting spring vegetables now.  These programs are so popular that we will be adding commercial greenhouses this spring at both of these campuses. 

We have also added the “Mobile Production” carts at Ford High School and Thompson Middle School. With these carts, students are learning how to produce music, music videos, and disc jockey skills. 

The elementary campuses have included the addition of the PS4 gaming carts.  The students love using the “Mindcraft” and “Lego” games on these carts.  These are used as a reward system at these campuses. 

ACE will be adding NASP Archery; a competitive archery team that will develop and then compete with other districts that have a NASP program.  ACE will have certified NASP instructors to teach this class.

The QISD/ACE Martial Arts team is continuing to grow and compete.  ACE had several students that placed in multiple areas at the last meet in Dekalb, Texas.  The martial arts program will be hosting an invitational on May 28, 2016.

ACE is currently making plans to install and operate a QISD radio station.  Our ACE students will be taught career skills when they take the mike to host QISD sporting events and spots on the radio.  Our younger ACE students will be able to participate by pre-recording spots to be played on the QISD station.  This will also be a way for the district to communicate with parents in addition to social media. 

Lastly, other great things happening at ACE are model car engineering, silk screening, sewing, drama; with the production of musicals at the campuses.  With this greatness, that’s why we say, “ACE is the PLACE!”


Lisa Underwood

Director of ACE Afterschool Program