Quinlan Independent School District

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HB5 Community and Student Engagement

Each district is required to evaluate and designate a performance rating for the district and each of its campuses in the district based on criteria set by a local committee (TEC 39.0545). The performance ratings to be assigned are exemplary, recognized, acceptable, or unacceptable. This information must be submitted to TEA and is made publicly available on the QISD website.  
This information will also play a role in the new A-F Accountability.  The letter grade for Domain V: Community and Student Engagement is determined from the HB5: Community and Student Engagement Survey.  Three of the nine performance measures will be selected by the district and their ratings will be sent to TEA to be used to assign Domain V's letter grade.
There are nine factors for which the district and each campus must be evaluated (3 sent to TEA for A-F Accountability). Click each factor to view its methodology, including performance indicators and rating criteria. Highlighted factors (bolded; different color) will determine the letter grade for Domain V: Community and Student Engagement.
  1. Fine arts
  2. Wellness and physical education
  3. Community and parental involvement
  4. 21st century workforce development program
  5. 2nd language acquisition program
  6. Digital learning environment
  7. Dropout prevention strategies
  8. Educational programs for GT students
  9. Compliance with statutory reporting and policy requirements.
The following table depicts calculation of Rating Scale calculation and the Rating and Letter Grade conversion.
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(Second report group from the bottom of the page)