Ford HS Choir


About Our Choirs

The Ford High School Choir Program consists of two Varsity ensembles:  A Cappella (Mixed) Choir and Trebleaires (Women's Choir), a Show Choir and two sections of Non-Varsity Choirs.  The Thompson Middle School Program has a Girls Varsity Choir, a Boys Varsity Choir, and three Non-Varsity classes.  These talented students have proven themselves many times over with their successes in competition - winning places in the TMEA All Region Choirs,  and representing our District at UIL Texas State Solo & Ensemble Contest and UIL Concert and Sight Reading Contest.  In the past few years they have earned many Superior and Excellent ratings and four Outstanding Performer Awards from UIL, and several students have won scholarships to Texas Universities to continue their music studies. Be sure to check out the Quinlan Panther Choirs Facebook Page!

Quinlan ISD Choir Mission Statement

The Mission Statement for QISD Choirs is as follows:

We will work as a team with unity of purpose and dedication to our shared goals:  To enhance the lives of the audience and the participants, and increase cultural awareness through high quality performance.

2022-23 Class Schedule 


1st Period 7:39-8:27:  Non Varsity
Treble Choir
2nd Period 8:31-9:28:  TMS
3rd Period  9:32-10:29:  TMS
4th Period 10:33-11:30:  Show Choir
5th Period 12:08-1:12:  Show Choir
6th Period 1:16-2:13:  Conference
7th Period 2:17-3:14: 
A Cappella
8th Period 3:18-4:15:  Non Varsity
Tenor/Bass Choir
FHS Choir Handbook