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Julie Todd Secondary Teacher of the Year at TMS


Julie Todd is the nominee for Secondary Teacher of the Year for CB Thompson Middle School. She has taught 8th Grade English Language Arts for two years.


Ms. Todd has had a love for reading since she learned to read at the age of three.  She remembers her 4th grade teacher, Mrs. Cardwell for her teaching style as well as her positive attitude and calm demeanor. Mrs. Cardwell was the reason Ms. Todd wanted to be a teacher. She cared about her students. Ms. Todd has been a teacher for 19 years.


“I feel rewarded each time a student has an epiphany or when a student gets all worked up about a piece of literature we are reading. I think I am an outstanding teacher because I revel in those small victories. I derive great pleasure from learning. Because I know that joy, I am more conscientious in my planning and teaching so I can elicit that same joy in my students,” said Ms. Todd.


She goes on to say, “After living in Garland most of my life, I decided to make a change and move to Quinlan.  Before I moved to Quinlan, I was practically anonymous in my community.  I soon became an active participant in my new home and I volunteer as much as I can. Besides teaching at TMS, I teach GED classes for our Community Education Program.  The class is offered through Navarro College Adult Education and meets at our Community Education Center here in Quinlan. This year, I have passed out hot dogs at the Christmas Tree Lighting, helped organize food at the Back-to-School Fair, and volunteered to help with the Mobile Learning Café. This café provides snacks and educational activities to the students in our community during the summer. Recently, I contributed a bicycle for our Bike Safety Rodeo and signed-up as a volunteer.”


“It is important to me to make sure that education transcends the classroom.  My goal is to make classwork relevant and applicable to daily life. For example, if the curriculum states that we should write a persuasive letter, we discuss the elements of persuasion and write a letter to the mayor about an issue in our community. As an English teacher, I help students use their education to become better people,” she said.


Quinlan ISD would like to congratulate Ms. Todd for her nomination at the campus level and thank her for everything she does for the school and community.