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Quinlan ISD Receives Promising Practices Award for Character Education for 2016

May 2, 2016, Washington, DC – Character.org has awarded 327 Promising Practices to schools, districts and youth-serving organizations from across the United States --- as well as from Canada, China, Columbia and Mexico.


“These great ideas really highlight the creative efforts of amazing teachers all across America --- and the world,” said Dr. Dave Keller, Program Director.  “It’s great to recognize what’s going well in the classroom.  These practices represent practical, effective ways to develop empathy, enhance conflict resolution skills, and inspire good citizenship.”


This year’s winning practices include unique anti-bullying programs, creative ways to integrate character and academic subjects, effective strategies for developing student leadership and activities that build community – within the school and beyond.


Character.org’s 2016 National and International Promising Practices in Character Education represent 4 nations outside the U.S., 29 U.S. states and Washington D.C. – with the largest numbers from Missouri, New Jersey, North Carolina, Florida, and Oklahoma, 308 public, charter and private schools, as well as 9 youth-serving organizations and 10 school districts.


Character.org sponsors the annual program to showcase innovative best practices that are having an impact across the nation and abroad.  Character.org encourages educators with similar needs to learn from and even replicate these successful initiatives.  Character.org will honor the 2016 recipients at the National Forum on Character Education, in Washington D.C. October 14-15, 2016.


This award was given for Quinlan ISD’s Parent University Program.   This recognition marks the 6th time in the past five years that a program from QISD has received an award for the character development opportunities offered.  QISD received an honorable mention as a state school of character.  Quinlan ISD has received Promising Practice Awards for the LIFE Program, The Unity Day Bully Prevention event, The A-Team Character program, The All Pro Dad and iMOM Morning Program.  For more information about Quinlan ISD’s character programs contact Michael Tull at 903 356-1580


Thank You,

Michael Tull
Director of PRIDE Academy and Student Leadership Programs

425 Panther Path
Quinlan, TX 75474
(903) 356 1580